HOSPITALITY – Provide support for special events such as speakers and luncheons. Organize refreshments or take photographs for special gatherings. Send out occasional get well and sympathy cards to members needing support.

MARKETING / PUBLICITY – Develop ideas and initiatives for attracting new SBO members and retaining current members. Promote SBO to the media, other organizations and potential new members. Create promotional materials and oversee website and social media.

MEMBERSHIP – Process new and renewal applications and checks for annual dues and contributions to SBO.

 – Generate and recommend solutions to improve SBO procedures and to address concerns and challenges facing SBO. Develop fundraising ideas and coordinate fundraising efforts.

SPEAKERS – Propose, solicit and schedule a diverse group of speakers on cultural, educational and entertainment topics. Past topics have included the history of spices, maintaining the grounds at Oriole Park at Camden Yards, health care reform, assisted suicide, the golden age of radio and others.

TECHNOLOGY – Maintain and update SBO computer systems. Identify needs and install new programs and updates. Maintain SBO website and social media. Suggest improvements or solutions to technology problems. Maintain electronic and paper archiving as well as record keeping for membership, voucher requests, email lists, special events and volunteer time. Enter data related to event vouchers and membership.

TRAVEL – Research, plan and host same day and overnight, national and international trips. Coordinate with travel companies to make arrangements for admission, transportation and lodging; handle finances and advertise in local newspapers and bulletins. Answer phone inquiries about upcoming trips.

USHERS – Serve as volunteer ushers at SBO-offered events. This may include taking tickets, distributing programs, directing audience to seats, selling concessions or other duties.


OFFICE WORKGeneral office duties, including mail, phones, walk-in requests, filing, and copying.

BROCHURE PREPARATION – Enter data into the computer for the quarterly SBO brochure of activities and events. Attention to detail required.

BROCHURE DISTRIBUTION – Stuff and label envelopes for quarterly mailing to SBO members.

VOUCHER REQUEST PROCESSING – Process member requests for tickets according to established criteria and availability.

TECHNOLOGY – Be part of a team that maintains and updates SBO computer programs, website and social media sites. Manage file archiving, membership record keeping, voucher requests, usher email lists, special events, and volunteer time.

MEMBERSHIP – Process new and renewal applications. Process checks for dues and contributions, update membership file.


SPONSOR LIAISON – Contact existing and new sponsors for free or reduced price tickets for brochure events. Suggest new sponsors for approval by committee. Suggest improved ways to solicit and gather sponsor information.

USHER COORDINATION – Oversee SBO ushers. Recruits new ushers from the membership, process usher requests, generate usher assignments, and serve as liaison between sponsors and ushers.

VOLUNTEER COORDINATION – Solicit members interested in volunteering with SBO. Serve as liaison between volunteers and committees, matching skills, backgrounds, and interests with SBO needs.


EVENT PLANNING – Plan and carry out scheduled events, such as luncheons, speakers, travelogues and other programs.

HOSPITALITY – Supply and set up refreshments for events.

USHER – Provide venues with help collecting tickets, directing patrons to seats, selling concessions, etc. in return for free admission to performances. Day and evening opportunities.